Making It Rain On Prime Day! The Easiest $1,000+ Day I Know

throwing around moneyAmazon Holidays are some of the best days as an internet marketer. Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday to mention a few. Each one sees an insane uptick in traffic, increased conversion rate, and overall buyers party putting money into my pocket. This Prime Day I saw a 10X increase in organic earnings (without using this method), and a 300% increase in shirt sales through Merch (organic as well).

So how much money did you make on Prime Day? $100? $500? Did you break at least $1,000? If not, why not?

Perhaps you might be in shock, “But Neil, my site is still small! It is just 10 pages. How could I possibly break $1k in a single day?”. To those of you thinking this, stop for a second and ask yourself if you prepared for this day. Should you have?

If you did or didn’t, I am about to share with you how myself, and a few friends make extra money on these Amazon holidays. I stumbled into this when I had a 20 page site a few years ago and was desperate for some extra money to invest. Let’s get to the setup and then the out of the box thinking!

The Set Up

Remember all those times that people have told you that content is king? Or the times that it was drilled in your head that you need to provide value to your readers? NOT TODAY! Today, we are throwing all that out the window. To get this to work, you need to keep it simple and to the point. Lets Do it.

Step One

The first thing you want to do is research what type of deals are going to be out on the Amazon Holiday you are preparing for. Amazon will typically send you emails telling you what will be on sale, or allow you as an Amazon associate to see the deals before they are released. If this is the case, make a list of EVERYTHING about to be on sale. Not just the products in your niche, but every little thing. When it comes to Prime day were thousands of products were for sale, you can simply pick a list of 100 items.

Step Two

Order your list of items for sale based on how close they resemble your niche. Lets say that you have a site in the Baby niche. The first items in your list would be baby items that are being discounted. After you have all the baby items listed, you need to start listing the next most relevant items. If I had a baby niche site, my next few items after baby would probably be Women’s clothing (because people who have babies are usually changing sizes). After that I might add some fitness deals (because mothers are often times trying to get back into shape). Then from there I may go into kitchen deals so on and so forth down the line.

Step Three

Open up your WordPress site and start a new post. Pop your list in there and make it look nice. I usually add a very small picture or perhaps an intro paragraph on top. Keep this as brief as possible as you want as many of your items above the fold as possible. Once your list is laid out properly with headings separating the niches, add all your affiliate links. Your page should have the similar set up to the image below. Notice how all there is to look at is affiliate links? No “great” content anywhere on the page.

prime deals

Step Four

If you have created this page a few days before the Amazon holiday goes live, do NOT publish it yet. Save it as a draft. However, if you are extremely lazy, create this page as soon as you get up on the Amazon Holiday and you can publish it immediately. Keep in mind that this page will only be up for the single day that Amazon is running a promotion. You will not be ranking for it and you will be deleting the post. The post should ONLY go live the day that Amazon runs the deal.

Time To Make Money! Here We Go!

Obama Money

So you have your page set up and ready to go. All your affiliate links added, and if you have gotten this far, and probably asking yourself what the hell you just did and why?

You are going to leverage a specific social network. Can you guess which one? If you have read this blog at all, you know that I enjoy Reddit and have been there long enough to know how it works and how the users behave.

You see, the thing with Reddit traffic is that almost everyone who has tried to “game” their users before has been shot down in a ball of flames and cried that the traffic is terrrible, doesn’t convert, and is overall a waste of time. This is true on some respects, but is completely and utterly false on Amazon holidays. Why? Because most redditors are in the age demographic that does most of their shopping online and when Amazon runs these huge promotions, they are all over them. Think of a kid in a candy store, this is exactly what they are. All you need to do is get them over to Amazon and they will shop and shop. What normally would be downvoted into oblivion is suddenly upvoted to the top with ease.

Step One

If you are familiar with Reddit at all, you know that it is broken down into sub communities called subreddits. Each one of these is based on a certain topic or hobby. Take our baby niche for example above. You could check out but notice that there is only around 2000 readers there. Instead, lets take a look at This one has almost 22.5k users and this is certainly enough to make some really good money with. Find about 3-5 different subreddits that relate to your niche and write them down and keep them handy for the morning.

Step Two

You need to time when its best to submit your post to the subreddits of your choosing. Some of the subs will allow you to post direct links to your site, while others will force you to write text (and you include a link within the text). The secret here is to find out if you can submit it when the peak amounts of traffic will be hitting the site. I have found that mornings, lunch time, and right after work are the highest opportunities to cash in. If at all possible, you want to be submitting your post before people get in their car to go to work. This way, people will be reading it and upvoting it (so your post shows up at the top of the page). When your post is at the top, hopefully the upvotes will last long enough that both the lunch and after work crowd both get to see your post.

Step Three

Do the above for the subreddits you have found relating to your niche. Be careful to stagger them out or use different accounts than your main accounts. Sometimes, if you are submitting too much from the same site, you will get thrown into the spam filter. Slow and steady with submitting them on multiple subs. Remember, you are not spamming them, you are providing the easiest way for these users to find the best deals that pertain to them.

Step Four

Now that you know all the steps, lets discuss the one secret that you need to keep in mind to make all of this work properly. You need upvotes on your post to rank, and you need to rank to be at the top of the subreddit you pick, and you need to be at the top of the sub to make money right? Well, you need to get upvotes. You could submit and just hope that you get those initial upvotes that are so crucial. Or, you could make it happen. You want to make money right? Go find 5-10 friends (you do have some of those right?) that have accounts and ask them to upvote your post. ATTENTION: The only way to properly do this is to have them first navigate to the subreddit you submitted the post on, find it, and then upvote it. If you skip this step, each upvote will automatically be met with a downvote and your post will not move anywhere. This is a spam filter that Reddit has put in place that is not that hard to get around if you have done this a time or two before.

Step Five

Sit back and enjoy the insane traffic spike, the huge click through rate on your affiliate links, and the incredible conversion rates and people buy anything and everything that Amazon has on discount that day.


Tip: Make sure your hosting is up for the task. If you pull this off correctly you will easily see, 10, 15, 30, even 50k visitors that day during the spike.

Scaling The Method Up

If you are wondering if there is any way to scale this up, you need to think harder. Of course there is. You already have a list of 100 links in order for your specific niche right? There are hundreds of thousands of people on social networks. Rework the order of your list for other niches and resubmit it to other subreddits.

This really only works if you have multiple sites in different niches as well as multiple Reddit accounts to submit the content with. However, you could give it a try on the same site if you want to be really risky. I would not recommend it because you are not trying to spam, you are actually trying to be helpful here.

Wrapping It Up

This is hands down, without a doubt, the easiest ways to make a thousand dollars in a single day that I know. This can be done at any level, with any type of site. Even if you have a 5 pager and you just started your website, you can take advantage of this method the next time one of the Amazon holidays comes up. This is a great way to put some extra money aside, put some more money down on your mortgage, or simply gain a few more dollars to invest to grow your site.

Until next time, keep pushing forward.



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