GSA Search Engine Ranker – My Favorite Automated Link Building Software

Introducing GSA Search Engine Ranker

GSA-Search-Engine-Ranker-300x95GSA search engine ranker is an extremely powerful piece of software. It is the only software in the world (publically available) that submits to hundreds of platforms (over 500) on autopilot with just a 30 minute set up. People have been using it a lot for different types of link building and it is very diverse in the ways that you can use it.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Applications

Below are a few of the ways that you are able to use GSA Search Engine Ranker. Each one has their own purpose and some are safer than others. All of them have seen very good results.

Spam rank

To do this you have to have GSA configured to post to most, if not all, the platforms. Import a huge keyword list, get lots of private proxies and set your threads high. Blog comments, trackbacks, guestbooks, articles (xe), and wiki (media wiki) will probably yield a high and fast submission rate with a high verify rate. To execute spam rank even more efficiently, it is best to import huge GSA verified lists. There are some people selling lists, but it is probably best to start with no list and let GSA scrape and post to as many sites as it can for a month or so. Then once you have other projects you can import the links from the global site list you have gathered. From one month constantly running GSA you should have 100,000 – 500,000 verified links in your global site list, depending on how well you have configured GSA and how fast it is going. This method is only effective if you are making thousands and thousands of links everyday.

Business GraphOf course the higher the competition the more links you will need to be able to rank well. However do not think you can rank for “payday loans” as that niche has been completely re-worked in terms of ranking algorithms as it got abused so much. With this method you do not need quality backlinks so you don’t need to change many settings in GSA SER. The method works on the amount of links you are constantly getting. It’s link velocity that makes you rank. Google will think your site has gone viral, as it will see thousands of new links everyday. People say it’s better to get a small amount of quality links than waste time with spammy links. With GSA it is extremely easy to make lots of low quality links, and the shear number of links gives the same power as a few really high quality ones.

Tier 2 Spamming

You have a few options. You can go down the route of spam rank but on your tier 1 sites, you could make it higher quality but using good quality spun articles and not building links to “bad” sites.  You could also build niche relevant spam or high quality links by importing keywords from your niche to find targeted sites. Your Tier 1 links for this should be beautiful. They should be high quality web 2.0 blogs with hand written content and a few posts of 500+ words. They should look like mini sites. The number of web 2.0s is up to you and will vary from niche to niche. Do not spread it too thin as you will want 100,000+ backlinks to each of these blogs every month. From just 20 days here are the stats from 5 of my web 2.0s:

  • not-bad-300x268PA54, backlinks: 69,000
  • PA55, backlinks: 76,000
  • PA53, backlinks: 81,000
  • PA55, backlinks: 78,000
  • PA56, backlinks: 53,000

I would show you the PR but they are still at PRN/A as Google hasn’t yet updated their Page Rank. As you can see the Page authority of these web 2.0 has skyrocketed, and that’s just from setting up a campaign in GSA, which took about 10 minutes. The results from these are awesome; they make your site rank very stable. It’s like building an authority blog network, but instead of old, high authority domains you have to buy (which can cost thousands of dollars for a large network) you make the authority in under a month. This method is preferred by lots of people who use GSA and want stable, safe, rankings.

Niche Related Backlinking

What are the best kind of links you can get? Niche related links!  With GSA you can automate them like never before. But let me be honest with you, I personally haven’t used GSA SER to make niche related backlinks, as I am more into mass spam in order to get lots of link juice.  My sites are in competitive niches, this means I don’t have time to get niche backlinks, as I find high PR blog posts and tier 2 link spamming more effective. However, you might be in a niche where the competition is low and a few niche backlinks are golden.

You see, each niche is different in terms of what you need to rank for it, and in some niches it is extremely effective to get niche related backlinks from blog commenting and forums. However, it is not like that in my niches. To dominate in some niches, all you need is a stream of a few hundred buffer sites and quality tier 1 links to blast the living hell out of, and niche related backlinks would only be good if I were to blast them as well. GSA has the ability to completely automate your niche related backlinks, however as you will need to spin the content it might not be the best quality and it might not be 100% unique.

To get niche related backlinks, all you need to do is find the “keywords” input when you set up a campaign and import a list of keywords related to your niche. You can generate keywords with Scrapebox or any  similar software. Once the list is imported, make sure to check the box which only posts your backlinks when a keyword is present on the page to make sure you are posting to niche related sites.


Because this is building links directly to your money site, I would suggest building links slowly.  Do not generate more than 200 a day to start off with. You can do this by making GSA pause for 86400 seconds after ~400 links have been submitted, as currently I am only getting 50% verified.  It depends on many factors, so you will want to play around with GSA to see how many submitted become verified.

Copy Competitor links

GSA can make nearly any type of link on the net. All you need to do is go on a site, like ahrefs, and download all your competitor’s backlinks (you will need a premium subscription for this), and put them in GSA. GSA SER will try and make as many of them as it can. This is a great way to get a good backlinks profile to beat your competitors. To get all the competitions backlinks you will need to get an ahrefs subscription for $79 per month (it is half price for the first month). From there you can put in your top 10 competitors and export all their backlinks. Of course, it really varies as to how many links GSA would be able to submit to from niche to niche. If you have links from your top 10 competitors then not only will you have links from the #1 site, but you will also have links from all the other sites so you can really dominate. Set up a project and import the links from the file you downloaded from ahrefs to the GSA project. Sit back and watch all your competitors backlinks become yours. Be careful you don’t build too many links at once. Again I suggest you limit it to 200-500 backlinks a day. To be even safer, I would suggest you filter out all the bad links your competitors have that could be holding them back, so you don’t get the same links and thus make the same mistakes.

Tier 2+3

GSA SER didn’t come out with multi-tier options at first, but since its launch everyone begged for it, and the GSA team listened. This way you can make quality tier 2 with spun content submitted to articles directories, wiki’s, web 2.0, and tier 3 the spam rank way. To do this you will need to set up two projects, one for tier 2 and another for tier 3. In the tier 2 project you will want links from sites that offer contextual links, so article, web 2.0, social network, and wiki sites. In tier 3 you can completely spam tier 2 so you can select all the fastest performing platforms. With the tier 3 project there is one small box you have to check which links it to another project.


To find out the best performing platforms  go to tools > show stats, then only submit to the top 50% that you have already built the most links to. Import your global site list to your tier 3 project.  This will allow you to get even more links quickly.

How to get high LpM

LpM stands for “links per minute” and is the speed at which GSA is submitting links. The higher the LpM, the faster GSA is making links. There are many ways to optimize for LpM. They include:

  • Not submitting to platforms with a low success rate
  • Using a fast captcha service
  • Not submitting to sites with recaptcha
  • Submitting to an already verified list of links
  • Using only the best search engines to harvest links to post to
  • Using lots of fast private proxies
  • Having a fast CPU
  • Having enough RAM
  • Using the right number of threads
  • Using a big keyword list
  • High timeout

Not submitting to platforms with a low success rate

By going into your GSA stats you can see which platforms aren’t yielding high results. Remove these from your submissions and you will have a faster GSA.

Using a fast captcha service

Most sites use captchas, so the time spent on each site will increase if it takes long to solve the captchas, thus less sites will be submitted every minute lowering your LpM. I highly recommend either GSA captcha breaker (works great with GSA), or Captcha Sniper for automated captcha solving. For sites that have captchas that cannot be solved by these two services, I use Death By Captcha which is one of the cheapest providers at $1.39 per 1,000 captcha solves.

Not submitting to sites with recaptcha

Recaptcha is very hard to crack and can cost a lot of money. When it normally takes a few seconds to solve a recaptcha rather than milliseconds  it slows down submissions quite a bit. By not posting to sites that use recaptcha or by choosing to skip them in the options  you will yield a higher LpM.

Submitting to an already verified list of links

By doing this GSA you won’t have to spend time searching for targets and then trying to submit to them. It is much quicker  telling GSA to submit to an already tried and tested list. Further down, I have provided a list of 19k verified domains to get you started.

Using the best search engines to harvest links to post to

There are a lot of search engines to choose from, a lot of them are slow and yield little results,  so by only using fast and large search engines  your LpM should be higher.

Using lots of fast private proxies

Proxies are needed, the more you have the more threads you can run, and the more times you can submit to the same site. When using proxies you have to make sure they are fast because if they are not, site loading times will increase and less sites will be posted to. The faster your proxies the faster your submissions and the higher your LpM.  I personally use the semi dedicated proxies from Buyproxies. You get to chose between USA or European based proxies and do not get the dedicated proxies as you will not need them, only semi dedicated.

Having a fast CPU

By having a fast CPU, you will be able to run more threads therefore more links are made simultaneously. The more links made at once the higher the LpM will be.

Having enough RAM

More ram = more threads you can run. GSA can only use a maximum of 2GB of ram in a 32-bit OS and 4GB of ram in a 64-bit OS. Don’t limit your VPS choice to the amount of ram available, you will also need to run a captcha breaker and possibly some other programs which will take up more ram themselves.

Using the right number of threads

A lot of people think that more threads will result in a faster LpM. This is true up until a certain point. If you run too many threads your VPS/server/PC will slow down because your resources are being taken up.  This  could cause GSA to slow down or even crash. When you are adjusting your threads you have to play around with them a bit to get the right number of threads for you.

Using a big keyword list

The more keywords the more targets GSA can get and the quicker the submissions.  This will give GSA more links to submit to. For example, if you only used 10 keywords GSA would probably use them all up in a few minutes and struggle to find new sites as it would get the same sites again and again.  If you had 100,000 keywords then GSA SER would be able to get lots of different sites without overlap, and would be able to get even more keywords based on the huge number you already have. I have provided my 100k keyword list further down in this article, go check it out!

High timeout

Make sure you have a high timeout when using a lot of threads. If the timeout is too low, GSA will skip too many sites and won’t submit to many.  This will cause your LpM to be very slow as only the fastest sites will be submitted to.

Proof these tips work!

If you do this you can achieve some awesome results. Below is a video after changing a few things. As you can see I am getting 1,400 LpM.

GSA Resources Used

Must have with GSA SER

GSA on its own is great, but to make it a proper animal there are a few extra services you must have.

Private/Shared Proxies

Proxies are a must, if you don’t use them when you are scraping then your IP will be banned and you won’t be able to scrape any target sites. They are also good to submit to the same site over and over again as multiple submissions to the same site could lead to your IP being banned. The more proxies you have the better GSA SER will run.

GSA Captcha Breaker + spamvilla OCR

A captcha solver is a must and software like GSA CaptchaBreaker can save you thousands of dollars in captchas. The spamvila OCR delivers great results for recaptcha captchas, so combined you can solve any cpatcha with a low overall fee.

VPS or Dedicated server

This is a must if you can’t leave your PC on 24/7 or if you have a slow internet connection. A VPS is probably all you need but if you ever need more speed a dedicated server would come in handy.

Indexer subscription

You want Google to see all the amazing links you are making, so by using an indexer server you increase the chances of Google seeing the links and giving your site a boost.

How does it compare to other software?

There are many more SEO programs on the market and a lot of them are very good and can be used alongside GSA SER. However, none of them can replace it.

Senuke XCr

Senuke XCr is a very costly SEO tool but a lot of people buy it. It automatically posts to sites you tell it to with a long campaign set up process. However, because there is a set site list it doesn’t scrape new targets like GSA so it is very quick. Senuke can be used to automate tier 1 links but is nowhere near as powerful as GSA SER so you won’t be able to make 1,000s of links for other tiers. For this reason, I suggest you use Senuke for tier 1 and maybe tier 2 but leave the serious spamming for GSA SER. It can work well with GSA SER but on its own it can not replace it.

Magic Submitter

This has the same functions of senuke but at a quarter of the price. I haven’t personally used it but a lot of people say it’s a great alternative to senuke. With that being said, again it has the same problems as senuke. It still isn’t powerful enough for mass spamming and doesn’t come close to what GSA SER is capable of. However, Magic Submitter is great for building web 2.0s, which GSA SER isn’t very good at. It can be used alongside GSA SER to ensure you post to all the sites physically possible.

Ultimate Demon

Ultimate demon can post to many different platforms, however, you need to import lists of sites to post to. While using it I found it slower than Senuke but it did the job and I was able to post to thousands of article directories, web 2.0s, wiki, etc. UD has the potential to mass spam, however, at the moment it does it too slowly. It is ideal for automating tier 1 so I would highly recommend it if you are too lazy to make tier 1 yourself. You can use the discount code “HostingTavern” for $50 off if you decide to purchase and use along side GSA.

No hands SEO

This is more like GSA SER as it automates backlinking very easy. However, at the moment it only automates trackbacks and blog comments so it is good for getting niche related good blog comments but not for much else. You can set and forget it just like GSA. Why use No hands SEO when you can get GSA SER, which does the same as no hands SEO, and a lot, lot more? I must add though, I have never used No Hands SEO.


Scrapebox is a must have for anyone into SEO and linkbuilding. It can do practically anything with links. Check their PR, index status, OBL, remove duplicates, etc. It can also gather thousands of target URLs that you can use with GSA or any other program. Scrapebox is a must have and you can leave it scraping while GSA is posting and import huge lists for GSA to post to. In my opinion scrapebox is quicker at finding URLs than GSA SER (given the correct settings).


GScraper can harvest URLs like scrapebox but 10 times faster. It doesn’t have as many features but is a good alternative to scrapebox if all you want to do is find thousands and thousands of URLs. However, it is only really fast if you sign up to their proxy service and use their public proxies. If using other proxies you will find it’s no faster than GSA SER.


Xrumer used to be the king of spam, but now GSA SER is here to make spamming extremely easy to automate any platform. With Xrumer it takes a lot of skill and patience to make mods that enable Xrumer to post on other platforms other than forums. However, it can still be used with GSA to post to tier 2,3, and 4 to make hundreds of thousands of backlinks everyday from forum profiles.

I am in the process of writing a step by step tutorial on setting up GSA SER. Check back soon!

GSA SER review by Passive Marketing. Overall rating is 10/10


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