Hi everyone! Part of the reason I started this blog is because i want everything to be transparent and I would like to take a no BS approach to Marketing. Because of this, I need to disclose that when I link to certain products, these will be affiliate links and thus I will earn an affiliate commission on any purchases that you decide to make. I started this blog to help you find out what is working right now and to do this I may link you to tools that either I or someone else is using. These will be affiliate links because I am running this site as a business for profit. This is exactly what you should be doing as well!

This site is likely to grow as time goes on and I can already tell you that I am an affiliate for hundreds of different products. You should assume that anything I link to from the time you land on this blog is going to be an affiliate link that will give me compensation when you purchase. You should know that I will only promote products that are useful and that I have either used or are working for a particular method or guide. I want to provide you value and this is how I am able to do that.

I have not been given any free products or services in exchange for mentioning them on this site. The only kickback I get is in the form of a commission if you decide to buy something.

If you have any questions about anything that I have typed above, please use the contact page to reach me at any time.

To your success!